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Santa Barbara County Local Fest 2015 will be held on Saturday, September 4th-6th.

The festival takes place in Ken Adam Park just outside Lompoc, CA.

VFMA is a very active all volunteer run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  The proceeds from the 2014 festival were used to fund an instructor for VFMA’s After School Garden Club at Buena Vista Elementary School. The weekly Garden Club is regularly attended by 30-40 students. The purpose of this program is to connect students with the food they eat, which enables them to make smart nutritional decisions. To further facilitate this program, VFMA also installed six 4’x8’ raised-bed gardens in Buena Vista’s garden area.

Sponsors of Local Fest 2014:


Want to make your commitment to the local community known to Local Fest’s 2k+ attendees and social media following? Want to help us further our commitment to connecting kids with the food they eat?
Become a Local Fest Sponsor! Services, products, and monetary donations are all accepted. It’s easy. email for the details: info@sbclocalfest.com





2014 Local Fest Photo Gallery –  THANK YOU Chad Miller Potography and 8oh5 Photography for the incredible pics!

2013 Local Fest Photo Gallery – THANK YOU Chad Miller Photography for the incredible pics!

2012 Local Fest Photo Gallery – THANK YOU Chad Miller Photography for the incredible pics!

2011 Local Fest Photo Gallery – THANK YOU Chad Miller Photography for the incredible pics!


Here’s what’s made Local Fest a success in the past:

PEOPLE: Local Fest attendees have totally embraced what VFMA is trying to accomplish with Local Fest and have been very supportive. They realize Local Fest is about community and the fact that it isn’t necessary to travel hours or ask someone else to travel hours to enjoy good food, music, beer, and art when all those things are right here in our own back yards.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: Ken Adam Park is shrouded in old growth native oak trees. These trees shade the park during the day creating a comfortable tented atmosphere. In the evening, lights are creatively arraigned in the trees and lit which creates an impressive feel and scene capturing the essence of the Central Coast.

local bands/musicians performing on two separate stages for the entire event

Locally brewed beer from the best microbreweries around

Local food served via unique gourmet food trucks

Local artists and crafters

As always, VFMA has started the planning process for this burgeoning festival early. We at VFMA take an incredible amount of pride in the quality of the event’s entertainment, food, beer, and overall experience. Because of this, we start early in order to secure the best of the above.