Zach Gill (of ALO)
Headlines Local Fest

Saturday | Sept 3, 2016 | 6 - 7PM

The transition from musician to performer occurred seamlessly during time spent at the University of California Santa Barbara. In 2005, he joined forces with college pal and emerging superstar, Jack Johnson. Accepting an invitation to join Jack's band, Zach diversified the group's trademark sound with his multi-instrumental zest, vocals, and dancing skills.

He collaborated with Aimee Mann and Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) on a composition, "At the Edge of the World" for the Paramount Pictures documentary, "An Arctic Tale." His music was also featured in the "Curious George" film and soundtrack alongside Johnson. 

From the moment you press play and hear the opener “Family” it’s apparent that Gill is an effortlessly strong performer: one who knows how to craft and deliver easygoing pop with a large dose of buoyant soul. With unique instrumentation and a playful spirit, Zach Gill carries on a tradition of true musicians who revel in playing and creating, whether on the beach, on the road, or with his kids. He’s on a true musical journey that shows no sign of ending, and his new record is simply an awesome glimpse inside the ride. You can visit Zach's website to read more about him.